Fawry Launches a charity campaign on Instagram

Fawry gathers Influencers in a Fundraising campaign for 100 charitable organizations

Fawry’s new marketing strategy for charity

In a charitable initiative, the first of its kind, Fawry Leading platform for digital transformation and E-payments in collaboration with social media influencers, launched a huge fundraising campaign for 100 charitable organizations through “myFawry” Mobile application, the most widespread application.

“Instagram”, the social media platform with the highest views in the current time, was chosen by Fawry to launch its campaign to reach the highest number of audience and customers especially the youth presenting the largest proportion of the Egyptian society. The campaign succeeded in attracting more than 1 million customers to download “myFawry” mobile application aiming at supporting charitable organization to continue helping affected families in all Egypt Governorates.
The campaign is presented by Amr wahba, Asma Sherif Mounir, Farah Aly, Loumy Khatab, Lina Tahtawy,and Nada Al Ashmouny. The influencers announced through instagram their support to families affected by the current situation and also urged their followers to direct their donations to the charitable organizations through “myFawry” using their bank cards without cash transactions.
Ahmed Nabil, Head of Marketing at Fawry, stated his pleasure for collaborating with social media influencers in the charitable campaign to reach more audience and encouraging the E-payment services in the donation process.
Nabil also added “we depended on social media influencers for their popularity to deliver our message in the current time and the country’s goal to minimize cash transactions in addition to announcing the people’s ability to use their debit and credit cards to pay all their needs by allowing payment for more than 300 services such as charging and mobile bills, electricity, water and gas bills, and donating to more than 100 charitable institutions. Bank cards can be used through Fawry outlets or through the “myFawry” application” launched last year.
Nabil concluded by expressing his delight for the positive feedback of the marketing campaign assuring that fawry’s ultimate goal is to facilitate people’s lives.

Fawry ensures its continuous social role in facilitating people’s lives and assisting the country in implementing the financial inclusion plan and transferring into a non-monetary economy by providing its services in more than 141K outlets all over the country as well as protecting citizens from the consequences of crowding amid Corona virus pandemic.
As for Fawry, the leading platform for digital transformation and e-payments, it serves more than 25 million customers per month, with more than 2.75 million transactions per day for more than 500 services including telecom bills, tickets and tourism, online payments, various utilities, insurance, School and university fees, donations, financial payments and banks, subscriptions and ads, and renewal of car license. All through one big network of 33 banks and more than 141,000 outlets across Egypt, 2500+ branches for post offices. And more than 15 mobile phone wallets for banks and mobile companies that enable 15 million user to use “FawryPlus” outlets, as well as “myFawry” online gateway and application.

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